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What does a fashion brand do with its offcuts?? 

Well you could always just throw them in the bin or you can make what we think are a girl's best friend, the Scrunchie!

It's inevitable that fashion production will produce offcuts and waste, so we've worked out a way to repurpose and divert this fabric wastage from landfill with these gorgeous little scrunchies. 

We've pre-made a few in our favourite prints already, but if the print you love isn't in the list,  please select the option ' Custom print not in this list' and then send us a message requesting the print of your choosing. Custom prints are subject to availably and customer will be notified shortly after ordering. 

Please note that if scrunchies are ordered with a pre-order product, the order will be sent out together unless otherwise requested and additional postage paid. 

This Scrunchies are all made in beautiful Hervey Bay , Queensland and are machine washable.

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