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We’re a Melbourne made and designed lifestyle brand that empowers women to be all woman and effortlessly fierce with flatteringly comfortable wrap dresses.

We’re passionate about making the perfect wrap dress that helps you to feel confidently  and comfortable whilst looking sexy and chic! 


The spirit of By Samantha is fun, flirty, curvy, confident in her own skin. Unapologeticly a lover of colour and unique patterns, her style is effortless, comfortable and so so sexy.

We hope you feel all of these same feelings when you wear your  BY SAMANTHA wrap dress.


We are passionate about three things: easy to wear fashion, empowerment through design / colour and making our dresses in Australia.
We make our dresses in Melbourne using local machinists supporting Australian manufactures, fabric wholesalers and printers.

We also work with illustrators and local graphic designers to create unique floral prints.

We are passionate about creating minimal waste and being an environmentally suitable fashion label. To achieve this, we manufacture limited edition run sizes in each print we produce and manufacture. Our run sizes mean that there is limited wastage of fabric and other resources.

Social Responsibility

We believe in doing business with the purpose of giving back to women. We dont just want to give our profit away, we have created a hands-on campaign that allows women to nominate a women in their community that has endured hardship in some way. Once nominated, we connect and charge the experince of this women in hopes to encourage others that there is hope and life after hardship. In appreciation, we gift the nominee one of our dresses ❤️

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We hope you love our brand, heart and vibe.
Much love,
Xx Samantha