Welcome to BY SAMANTHA, a melbourne made premium lifestyle brand that empowers women to be all woman and effortlessly fierce with flatteringly comfortable wrap dresses.


The spirit of By Samantha is fun and flirty, she's curvey and confident in her own skin. A lover of colour and unique patterns, her style is effortlessly comfortable and sexy. We hope you feel all of these same feelings when you wear a BY SAMANTHA wrap dress.


We are passionate about three things: easy to wear fashion, empowerment through design / colour and making our dresses in Australia.
We make our dresses in Melbourne using local machinists supporting Australian fabric wholesalers and printers. We will continue to work with illustrators and local graphic designers to create unique floral prints.

Social Responsibility

We believe in social entrepreneurship and the concept of doing business with the purpose of giving back to the community or people in need. In the past we purposed the business to give back 10% of its profits to community charity groups. To date, we've given to the Fred Hollows Foundation, McGrath Foundation and RSPCA. Moving forward, the business has a need to reinvest its profits for the purpose of growth. So as a brand we will now running a monthly campaign that gifts a special woman with one of our products. Please refer to 'Women of Strength' page.

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We hope you love our brand, heart and vibe.
Much love,