Damn Girl, you’re beautiful!

Are you annoyed with how ‘standard sizes’ just never fit ?
Do you find it frustrating shopping for dresses that don’t flatter your assets ( booty and bust)?
Oh girl, We hear you! You’re not standard at all, you’re beautiful and unique!
We created By Samantha Melbourne for women who want to feel confidently comfortable and sexy in their own skin. Our Melbourne made wrap dresses are designed by women for women so you can forget about fit and sizing frustrations with sizes 6-22 available. We believe that you know what you like, so every wrap dress is custom made to your preferences, just choose your sleeve and skirt length from the options and you’re ready to go!
Don’t hide your beautiful figure any longer and liberate your bits with our form flattering wrap dresses. 

Much love from a woman that feels your pain and who is all butt and bust, 

 x Samantha 

It’s finally here! The first of our Australian inspired prints designed exclusively by us for you!

The Australian Claire print is inspired by the beauty of Australian bush flora. This print is highlighted with gorgeous pink Proteas , silver gumtree leaves, and delicate yellow blossoms set against a deep navy background. 

We’ve decided to open up this gorgeous print to pre-orders so that we can manufacture in an environmentally and sustainable way by keeping our waste and environmental footprint to a minimum.

We will only be making 50 of the Australian Claire wrap dress so get your order in as soon as you can girl! We dont want you to miss out :) 

Our timeline is: 

Pre-orders open from 26/04/2018 - 10/04/2018

Orders will be fulfilled by May 28th 2018

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