Most of the time fashion labels focus on the glitz and glamour of making gorgeous clothes whilst forgetting about the talented people that make the brand what it is. As you know we manufacture and design here in Melbourne and we'd love to introduce you to our superstar local maker, Thai! 

Thai's story is one that is both inspiring and harrowing. He came to Australia from Vietnam by boat in the early 1980's to escape humanitarian and economic troubles in Vietnam. He and many of his family members risked their lives sailing in unsafe vessels on rough open ocean seas in search for a better life. Thai and his family made many attempts of escaping Vietnam and were finally successful in being given refugee status in the mid-1980's. After spending 2 years in refugee camps in Malaysia, a young Thai was resettled in Melbourne in the 1985.

He worked many jobs to make ends meet and found a job working alongside one of Melbournes long standing manufacturing companies. Through this position as a machinist he gained the skills he needed to start his own manufacturing business in 1995. Thai has worked with Melbourne made labels like Mesop, Soon and many more.

 We've had the pleasure of working with Thai and his family for the last 6 years and have loved growing our business with him and his family. Thai was so gracious to take us on as a manufacturing partner all those years ago ( we started by producing 20mtrs of fabric on one style and now we produce more than 500mtrs a month across 5+ styles!). 

Thai is a kind, gentle and humble man. The fashion industry can be so cruel and at times, however working with Thai and his family has been an absolute joy. I hope you're able to feel this love and warmth every time you wear your By Samantha Melbourne clothing .

March 14, 2022 — Samantha Bradbury


Susan said:

Thank you Thai and your wonderful family. You bring so much joy to the world through the beautiful things that you make!

Karen Arvidsson said:

What a wonderful thing to meet Thai – thank you for the lovely clothes and care taken in their manufacture. Love BySamantha Melbourne and the ethics and humanity of this brand, and it’s great to know the supply chain is ethical and respectful. I look forward to many years of enjoying your work!

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