At By Samantha Melbourne, we believe in the transformative power of a good dress - and what goes underneath it. Proper-fitted underwear in the correct size and shape transforms how your dress sits and drapes. Underwear is the very first thing we put on every day, and most of the time, we pay so little attention to it. And we need to revise it because a good bra changes everything - not only the shape of your dress but also your posture, level of your confidence, your mood. And Experts in BRAVA Lingerie know it. 

We are happy to announce our first collaboration with the fantastic brand Brava Lingerie, who reached out and invited us to have a bra-fitting experience in their shop in Melbourne and share their knowledge about all shapes, wires and lines! 

The Brava shop we visited is very welcoming, nice-looking and girly. The changing rooms are big, warm and equipped with big mirrors and good light to have the best experience possible. The bra-fitting experience was very nice and stress-free: we had enough time to change our clothes, try different models and colours of bras, ask questions and take photos/notes. 

Thirty minutes is what it takes to find out your size, best styles, and most suitable colours. After you try the proper bra for your shape and size, your old one will feel wrong immediately. Brava Lingerie @bravalingerie are experts in D cup and up and they are here to help you to find your best bra to feel your best. They have several locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and they are open for you.

Wrap Dress is the core of your wardrobe. The bra is the foundation of your look.

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May 10, 2022 — Samantha Bradbury

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