It's our pleasure to introduce one of our long standing customers and a woman that have brought us inspiration!

Leah Mether is a business woman, mentor, professional speaker ( specialising in business communications), super-mum and wrap dress lover . 

We've asked Leah all the important questions about how she styles her collection of wrap dresses for work and travel. We hope you pick up on some tips and tricks from the gorgeous Leah! 


What's your favorite thing about wearing them for work?

I love that your wrap dresses are comfort, colour and professionalism all rolled into one. My work involves running all-day leadership and communication training, delivering keynote speeches, and mentoring. I'm most often on a stage presenting to large groups of people. Knowing that I look good while also feeling good means I can relax and focus on doing what I'm there to do, rather than get distracted by tight or uncomfortable clothing.

How do wrap dresses empower you as a woman and also a business owner, making you feel confident and ready to conquer the day?

I'm like a man with a suit with my wrap dresses. They are my work uniform. If I'm working with clients, I'm wearing a wrap dress. I don't have to think about what to wear in the morning, I just grab a dress and I'm ready to go. It takes so much mental load off my plate - and when you're running a busy business like me while also being a single mum to three young boys, anything that helps with mental load is a wonderful thing! I always get compliments on the dresses.

What are your go-to colors or prints when choosing wrap dresses for the office, balancing professionalism and personal style?

I'm a print girl and I LOVE colour. The brighter the better for me. My colour pallet favours warm colours so I tend to look for a navy base rather than black. I'm a high energy presenter who likes to bring fun to the work that I do. The wrap dresses help capture that and I have had multiple people tell me they look like works of art and ask where I get them from. I'm known for my wrap dresses now. I think people would be shocked if I turned up in anything else.

What accessories do you love to pair with wrap dresses to create a polished business look?

I'm all about earrings. Because the dresses I wear are so bright and bold, I tend to steer clear of necklaces. But give me bright earrings every day of the week! I tend to pick a colour out of the dress pattern and highlight that with my earrings or sometimes I go for a colour clash and wear something totally different.

How do you adapt wrap dress outfits for different business occasions without sacrificing style or comfort?

The jacket and the shoes can take the dress from day to night. I also have wrap dresses in a variety of lengths (knee, midi and maxi) and sleeve lengths (3/4, winter, flutter and no sleeve). I always present in knee length and tend to wear a midi or maxi for an evening event.

Are wrap dresses practical and easy to pack for business trips?

Yes! I love that you can throw them in your carry on luggage and they are ready to go when you pull them out at your destination. They travel so well and take up next to no space or weight. The perfect travel outfit.

What layering pieces do you like to pair with wrap dresses during cooler seasons to achieve a professional yet cozy ensemble?

 I live in Victoria so throughout winter I pair my dresses with black leggings and ankle boots. I also wear a slip underneath for some extra warmth.

Do you have specific wrap dress styles or fabrics that provide both style and comfort on busy workdays?

My preference is the slinky fabric but I have so many dresses that I have plenty in dry touch too. (I haven't counted for a while - during COVID I did a series of photos called 'What's Leah wearing?' where I wore a different wrap dress a day until I got through all of the By Samantha dresses I owned. There were 22 then and I have bought more since - whoops, lol).  My preference on busy workdays is three quarter length sleeve, knee length in a bright pattern. Wearing colour lifts my mood straight away and the patterns hide lumps and bumps.

What advice would you give fellow business owners looking to rock the wrap dress trend and feel confident in the workplace?

Treat your wrap dresses as your work wardrobe. Use the dress as your 'suit' base and style it from there. Not only will you feel confident and look fabulous, you'll ease your decision making pressure and loosen the mental load too.


Find more information about Leah's work here :

July 30, 2023 — Samantha Bradbury


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Norma said:

Love the idea of the wrap dress easing the mental load. It’s great to have something that always works .

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