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Head band

The Gail Headband  is a gorgeous infinity loop style headband made by our fonder Samantha's mother, Gail.

Made in sunny Hervey Bay, Queensland, We are make these stunning little accessories with the fabric our off cuts and sampling fabric  ( bright digital printed poly/spandex). This fabric was originally destined for the rubbish bin as it's an off-cut not big enough to make a dress from. However as we're eager to use our fabric sustainably,  we've repurposed these off cuts into a gorgeous fashion statement.

These little head bands are available in all of our available prints, just search your favourite wrap dress or top print and match it your own little bag.

Dimensions are approx. 57cms in diameter  

Head band composition: 

We use our off cuts and sampling fabric  ( bright digital printed poly/spandex) to make these headbands.