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Project Simone: sponsored gift bags
Project Simone: sponsored gift bags
Project Simone: sponsored gift bags
Project Simone: sponsored gift bags
Project Simone: sponsored gift bags
Project Simone: sponsored gift bags
Project Simone: sponsored gift bags

Project Simone: sponsored gift bags

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As 2020 comes to a close, many of us are breathing a sigh of relief as inter-state borders open and life seems to be going back to a kind of normal.
However, for those receiving cancer treatments in 2020, life has been even more challenging.
This festive season we've been working hard on something exciting: Project Simone. This project is inspired by a woman close to our hearts who received the devastating news last year that she had an aggressive form of breast cancer. After many health and personal challenges through 2020, Simone is thankfully nearing the end of her treatment and is doing well and looking forward to spending Christmas with her loved ones. Her story has gotten us thinking about how we can bring a little bit of joy to those receiving treatment this festive season who might be feeling lonely, anxious about the future or experiencing pain. 

We've reached out to a cancer centre on the central coast of NSW with our idea of a Christmas gifting project and here's what we've come up!  
As patients receive their cancer treatment, they experience side effects from dry hands to cold shivers , chapped lips to sensitivity to strong smells, to name just a few. Bearing this in mind, we've reached out to our community of local and interstate makers and put together a little gift pack that will bring joy and comfort this festive season. 

We've teamed up with the following makers : 

Sea Salt Sand Ceramics (@seasaltsandceramics )

The team  at Sea Salt Sand have generously donated silk scarves for patients to drape around themselves in the cold air-conditioned wards whilst receiving treatment .


Little Balm ( @littlebalm)

 Hand poured and environmentally sustainable lip balm for soothing dry lips . As systemic cancer treatments can mean hands and lips become dried and cracked, this little balm will offer patient's lips a little relief.  

Fleurette Aromatherapy ( @fleurettearomas)


 Facial mist for hydration and pleasant fragrance as many patients experience displeasure from the smells of the heavily disinfected hospital environment. This little mist is an escape from the hospital smells, while also providing some much needed hydration . 

Kaya Jewellery ( @connectwithkaya)

The team at Kaya have designed this little bracelet in mind to promote positive healing affirmations.  This design is made from a combination of crystal gemstone and wood beads that we hope brings you relief and energy. 

By Samantha Melbourne ( @bysamanthamelbourne )

We are thrilled to donate some our own handmade goodies to make this bag as special as possible. We've been told that patients can experience cracked and dry hands due to treatment and constant sanitising, so we've sourced 30gm hand creams for patients to use ( plus we donated an additional 50 to the ward  also- happy hands for all!) 
We're also including two sachets of loose leaf tea so patients can have a cuppa and relax. 
All of these goodies are packed into our hand-made Gail bags ( made from donated dead stock fabric that would have been wasted) in three different prints.

Project Facts:

It's our intention to sell these sponsored packs and donate them on to the cancer centre to distribute to their patients receiving treatment this festive season. 

As we've sourced these products from independent local designers, we've personally covered the cost of putting this pack together. 

We've priced this gift pack at $50 to cover the costs whilst also factoring in an additional to the Cancer Council to fund ongoing research for a cure. 

*Project Simone is strictly a sponsored gift pack  ( pay -it-forward style ) that will be delivered to the staff at our partnered cancer centre to distribute to their patients.  Unfortunately at this time we're not offering this pack to be sent to individuals, that  kind of project will be explored in the new year. 

*This gifting option is not gender specific, we've tried to be gender inclusive by offering items that are both practical and beneficial to overall experience and comfort of the recipient. 

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