Organic Rooibos


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Afrikaans for Redbush, this deliciously unique tea is native to South Africa - although it’s gained international popularly over the past few years as a caffeine-free tea substitute.

First discovered in 1930, Rooibos crops are hand-harvested annually in the South African summertime (January to March). The branches are cut and bound into bundles, transported to the facility where they’re ground, dried, and packaged to perfection. Rooibos tea boasts a red colour with a mild earthy flavour and distinctly sweet notes of honey and vanilla. Studies suggest that Rooibos is rich in antioxidants that may boost heart health and fight wrinkles.

Low tannin levels mean Rooibos is better for your stomach.

We've collaborated on a gorgeous limited edition linen tea towel as a gifting or collectors item this festive season. The team at La Source Australia have designed this beautiful Native Wonder print tea towel inspired by our earlier collaboration print ( The Isabelle) . 

Ingredients: Certified Organic Rooibos Tea Leaves.

Serving suggestion: Steep 1-2 teaspoons per cup of freshly boiled water (100ºc) for 3-5 minutes to release optimal flavours, aromas, and antioxidizing action.

Shipping: Our Certified Organic Rooibos Tea is delivered in sealed, air-tight pouches. Shipping is tracked and complimentary. 


Storage: Store below 180C in a dry place, out of light.