Flowering Gums Wrap Dress


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Introducing the gorgeous work of the talented Queensland based visual artist Sarah Hickey.
This work, 'Flowering Gums' is based on Sarah's 2020 original work 'Wild fruits, Flowering Gums and Full-bellied Birds'  from the series 'Home, Hearth, Harbingers 2020'.
We've have collaborated exclusively with Sarah on this wearable artwork print and will be making a limited run of 110 dresses. Due to covid restrictions and Christmas fast approaching, we'll be doing two rounds of pre-orders for this print.
The first round of pre-order dresses are being pre-made and will be ready at the end of October.
The second round of pre-orders will be allocated via email to the those who've expressed a desire to order this dress. This second round will be a made to order with an expected dispatch of late November. We will make sure you're aware of which round of pre-orders your order falls into :) 
Please note that we've tried our best to make sure your preference is available. Be sure to make your selection as soon as you get your email as there is a lot of interest in this print. Due to demand, once sizes are sold we may not be able to fulfil your preference.

About the artwork series: Home, Hearth, Harbingers 2020

 To be home, to find home, conjures more than the bricks and mortar of an address or location. Home speaks of a feeling or concept that transcends time and place. It evokes a warmth, a knowing, a oneness. It feels safe. In this sacred dwelling you can let loose, let your guard down, truly be yourself. You are loved there. It is a protection from the outside world and a set of external expectations, rules and agendas. It is the quiet. It is a space to shed skin, relax and replenish.

The collective experience for some has been a year of stillness, transition and acceptance. Where is your home? Where does it exist? Is it expressed in the objects you’ve collected and curated? Does it reside in your heart? We all have versions of what constitutes ‘home’ for us.

For me this period has been one of reflection and profound contentment. In our busy, fractured lives we are project driven, time poor, always searching and striving for something more. The art of contentment – of looking around and seeing the beauty of exactly where we are, has driven the work.

There are common motifs – blue and white china vases, wooden birds, Suzani patterned tablecloths, Australian natives and available blooms from the local supermarket, posing art deco statues, dancing dogs ready for a belly scratch, references to Matisse studio posters, Preston’s painted flowers, and a pregnant Olley jug found in an antique store in the Tweed Valley. Dream-like imagery merges with the reality of the surrounds. It is a fairyland of forms that seem to dance and vibrate off one another, anticipating heart-bursting satisfaction and joy in the small things.

As children we are comforted by dear toys and trinkets. They become witness to our growth, tears and joys. These coveted items represent the little relationships we’ve formed and time journeys we’ve had. They become emblematic of the life we’ve deliberately created. They are harbingers of dreams yet to be realised. They form the hearth, the gathering place, the personal goods and chattels that make a house our home.

Words: Sarah Hickey

Sarah's work can be found : https://sarahhickey.com.au or via social media ( search @SarahHickeyart) 


 The Wrap Facts:

- All wrap dresses are made to your preference, you choose from the options the length of the sleeves and skirt so you have a more personal and customised dress to suit your body.

- Fabric composition:

Soft digitally-printed jersey  

95% Polyester

5% Spandex 

- Sizing :

Stretch jersey is generous when it comes to sizing. We recommend that if you fluctuate between two sizes that you go for the smaller of the two for a more flattering look. If you purchase a size that is not the correct size, then we are more than happy to exchange for the correct sizing at the return of the original garment in original condition. 

If unsure of your sizing, please email us at  hello@bysamantha.net with your measurements and we will help you find your best fit.

Skirt lengths - You can choose between the below lengths:

Short skirt: approx 55cms  from waist down

Knee length skirt: 63 cms from waist down

Midi length skirt: 90 cms  from waist down

Maxi / full length skirts: 100 cms from waist down  

* Please be sure to measure these before purchase to ensure you are getting the correct length hemline. 

All of our dresses are made in Melbourne's sunniest suburb, Sunshine, Australia by our team of hardworking machinists.  

* Model wears size 10 ( she is approx 175cm's tall, bust: D cup)