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Ride for Josh 2019: Charity Ride

HI everyone!

I'd love to introduce myself, I'm Samantha Bradbury - the founder of By Samantha Melbourne!

Currently living in Melbourne, I've created this project to firstly honour the memory of my younger brother Joshua Bradbury who passed away in 1991 from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ( aka SIDS) - he would have been 28 years old this year!

Secondly, this project to raise funds and awareness of SIDS for families that may not have heard of this syndrome. This mysterious syndrome took my brothers life at 3 months old and my life ( and that of my family ) has never been the same since. There are many families that have been devastated by this kind of loss and as a sibling of a baby that has passed, I have struggled for many years to deal with the grief and loss.
It's funny how grief and loss have a way of knocking the wind out of you when you least expect it! Feeling exhausted from what feels like never-ending grieving, this year I've decided to do something positive that challenges my grief  and changes it into hope for others .

This project is two fold:

1) A fundraising exercise to raise $10k for education for mothers, grief & loss services for families and research into this mysterious syndrome.

2) A 700km road bicycle ride from Melbourne to Canberra on June 28th > July 5th.
Yes you read correctly, Melbourne- Victoria to Canberra -ACT... on a bike! Why?
I decided to do this uber long and gruelling ride because as a sibling that feels the loss of her little brother every year, I wanted to challenge myself physically and mentally to overcome loss and the physical nature of a long-distance endurance ride.

So join me on my adventure of firstly training, fundraising and then undertaking the ride on our fundraising page:

and also on my business instagram page: @bysamanthamelbourne.

As this project has been personally funded by myself, we are also also selling a team tote to raise funds to care for our team during the 7 day event. Follow this link to purchase your tote:

I'm looking forward to sharing the adventure with you!

All my love,