In April 2017 we decided to rebrand The Giver & Co from a social enterprise that gave 10% of its profits away to local charities to a premium fashion label that gives back to women in our own special way. We created the ongoing campaign 'Women of Strength'. The Women of Strength campaign is our way of honouring women who've shown strength and love either for a friend of family member during hard or challenging times.
We created this campaign after being inspired by our Founder Samantha's mother, Gail. Many women are faced with tough challenges in life, however, once in a while there are women who face adversity, loss of family members, financial devastation and isolation with a determination to overcome. Gail is one of those women! We doubt that during the hardest times of her life she was thinking of being epic, however, her perseverance and resilience is inspiring and epic to us!
The Women of Strength campaign is not a pity party or intended to bring up old wounds, its a campaign that honours the strength and resilience of women that have rolled up their sleeves and gotten the job done during hard times. 
How do I get involved??
Excellent question! We want to honour and spoil women.  We also want you to get involved and nominate a women you know that deserves to be honoured and gifted one of our beautiful wrap dresses.  
Email us at hellobysamantha@gmail.com ( write 'Nomination for Woman of Strength' in the subject line) with a woman you want to nominate. Please let us know why you love and want to nominate this women and she will go into the monthly draw to be gifted a BYSAMANTHA wrap dress.