July Susan X Emerald city release

Winter is here but it doesn't have to be grey and gloomy! The Susan  and Emerald City prints are back to bring some colour to your winter.

Our Susan print is a black based fabric with beautiful bold pink magnolias. This print is perfect for any season and is complementary to most skin tones.  

Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my! We've been lucky enough to secure a limited amount of this gorgeous Emerald City print . This Emerald green print has gorgeous emerald, white and black geometrics.  We will be taking pre-orders  again to make sure we manufacture with purpose. So once it's gone, unfortunately that's it babe, no amount of clicking your red glitter heels will bring her home.

Pre-order time line: 

Taking Orders - July 10th to July 31st

Production - August 3rd to August 21st

Dispatch - August 24th 

Please note this pre-order product so if you are ordering a few items, these will all be sent out when the pre-order product is completed.